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Restaurant Week Extensions!

Restaurant Week is dead…long live Restaurant Week? We touched on this in our Weekday Roundup post, but behind the cut is a list of who in FoBo is extending their deals and til when. A more comprehensive list of DC’s restaurants that are celebrating extra days of prix fixe menu can be found at the Washingtonian. Let us know if there are any deals we should hear about!

  1. FoBo Fooding..

How to stay fresh on the Metro

The title looks like this could be a guide, but it’s really a call for help. From me. I recently moved, bringing a reasonable new Orange Line commute into the FoBo into my life, and today was my first day traveling by rail to work. The crowded cars weren’t new to me, but the incredible heat of being trapped in an non air conditioned car was more intense then I could recall.

One intrepid salaryman near me had brought his own sweat towel, a senior citizen had brought her own wood handled fan. The rest of us slumped dejectedly, vainly flapping folded copies of the Express and trying not to touch one another. My hair deflated instantly, and stepping out into the cool pre-storm air in the station caused my glasses fog up with the sudden temperature change.

So how do you young (and older) professionals manage this trial? How do you get to work without looking a hot mess? Part of my problem appears to be that the Orange Line is trying to be the new Red Line, delaying cars and dropping down to one (!!) track this past weekend. But is there a trick to staying well coifed and cool? Avoiding the hottest cars? Or do I spend the rest of my year not making eye contact with anyone until about an hour into the work day?

Advice, Metro stories, or commisseration welcome!

Free Taco Bell by Marvin Center

DCist has the story: Taco Bell will have a truck handing out both Volcano and regular crunchy tacos for free in front of the Marvin Center (800 21st St. NW) from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm. Free Taco Bell in FoBo. Check out the truck’s twitter to find out where it is at any given time, all across the country.

Weekday Roundup

Welcome back, DC’s plethora of university students, and my apologies, DC’s normal everyday residents. Classes start today for many, but we have a good mix of GWU events and events that are probably devoid of undergrads for you today.

Take a look at this week!.

Weekend To-Do List

Congratulations on making it through another week. Technically this wasn’t the last week of summer, but with GW students back, classes starting, and next week being the first in September, it sure feels like the summer fun is coming to an end. ┬áBut don’t despair! ┬áThere’s still some fun to be had this weekend.

(Some technical difficulties prevented us from posting this earlier today, thanks for bearing with us!)

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