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FoBo Market Gets Covered [Eatin' Fresh!]

Looks like our favorite local market has been getting some well deserved attention around the area.  Of course, FoBoBlo has been covering them for quite a while now.  The past few days have been a flurry of fun activity though as GWToday released their article on the FRESHFARM Farmers’ Market.   Big thank you to GWToday who mentioned us in their related links at the bottom.

At the market, customers can expect FRESHFARM to live up to its name, says Alex Alderman, who manages the Foggy Bottom market. The corn is picked every day, and the bread is baked at sunrise.

“People who want to support local farmers and are attracted to high-quality products come here, because they know it’s better than anywhere else,” Alderman says.

If you don’t know already, you can follow GWToday by twitter @GWToday and you can even follow the FRESHFARM Market people @FRESHFARMMktsDC.

Since there’s so much good stuff out already about the FoBo Market this week, we here at FoBoBlo are going to send you on your way to find out about it from a new perspective.  We’ll be back next week with another post about a stand I’ve been excited to talk about since the very beginning of the Eatin’ Fresh series.  Don’t miss it!


The FRESHFARM farmers’ market on Foggy Bottom runs from April 1st to November 25th.  Check it out  on Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 7pm, located on I St between 24th St NW and New Hampshire (right by the FoBo metro).  Find out more at their site.

Eatin’ Fresh! is a weekly series covering different stands and items at the FoBo Farmers’ Market — want us to cover something in particluar?  Let us know in the comments!

Humpday Sales

Craigslist is slow this week. I am sick of seeing the same memorabilia, peeps, lower your prices or donate to museums. Also, dudes posting to “missed connections” — proofread. The girl of your dreams will appreciate it.

Stuff & love connections, inside..

Free David Sedaris Tickets (Last Chance)

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Photos: Clarendon Day

Uhhh I am unsure of this slogan.So turns out this Saturday was Clarendon Day in Arlington. Who knew? Not me or my brunch companion. But I made it my duty to wander the booths and record this delightful, if rainy, event for you my dear readers.

Clarendon Day turned out to be a typical outdoor kinda festival, with tons of local food being served in booths, a local band, Road Soda, performing, and tons of little kids. What was notable, was that all the local artisans seemed to be having a great time, and the place was exceptionally crowded for the ominous rain clouds that would drizzle intermittently. In fact, as it started to downpour during the band’s first set, people seemed reluctant to leave, hiding under store awning, construction scaffolding, and umbrellas, or just dancing in the rain. The proprietors, however, gave up must fast then their interested customers — people were packing up at the first start of the storm, covering all their handmade jewelry, bags, and more, as the rain started.

I had the pleasure of speaking with two tent owners, starting with Kelly Hutchinson, proprietor of Kelly’s Fine Art & Custom Framing. She’s been in Arlington for about four years, and discovered a very positive reception to her contemporary artwork, which she’s done for about 15 years. She has a brick and mortar store on 510 N. Washington Street in Arlington, and her stuff is bold and often impressionistic, and was very eye catching in the sea of home made jewelry booths.

And speaking of home made jewelry, I also spoke to Lucia Hamilton, owner of BluGrn Design. An architect by education, she turned her 4 year long hobby of making jewelry into a full time job just this year. She doesn’t have a store, but sells mostly on-line at her website and Etsy store, AND you can see her at this weekend’s Crafty Bastards! Be sure to stop by her booth for whimsical and funny cards & jewelry, which are adorable and reasonably priced!

All in all, Clarendon Day seemed to be a great way for people to meet their neighbors and their neighboring business people — and no one wanted to leave.

Photos of these booths, food, and the band inside!.

Photos: H St. NE Festival

Editor’s Note: Sorry that this is over a week after the fact, but Mallory took some GREAT photos, so I figured it was worth the wait. This post was written by Mallory Thompson.

We’re finally done with the sweltering summer heat, and what better way to kick off fall than a street festival on H Street?  BBQ, music, artsy vendors and drink specials…I’m there.

If you haven’t ventured out to H Street NE, you should.  It’s an interesting mix between African American culture and the classic Urban Outfitters hipster.  I know, I know…but it works, believe me.  I mean, where else could you have such an awesome tattoo competition?  H Street isn’t very Metro accessible (streetcar is on the way), but with several popular bars – the new H Street Country Club, the Rock & Roll Hotel, Granville Moore’s – it’s definitely filled with popular nightlife spots.

My festival partner and I spent a LONG time in line waiting for delicious BBQ and peach cobbler.  It was well worth it – you could smell the grill from several blocks away.  We wandered through the vendors, and made it back just in time to watch the tattoo competition sponsored by Britishink, a tattoo parlor on H Street.  Competitors actually had to walk the runway to show off their ink, so you can imagine the hilarity as they competed for best overall, most unique and yes, the worst.

The H Street festival its in it’s 6th year and for a neighborhood street festival on a lazy Saturday afternoon, it’s perfect.  Definitely add it to your September must-dos for next year.

Photos below!.