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The Friday wat. [open thread]

Are you lucky enough to get out of work early today to get your Halloween costume ready?  I still haven’t put mine together, but based on our poll it looks like I might end up being a grampire.  Though maybe I should take some tips from the video below…


So what are your plans for the weekend?

Review, Video, & Photos: Hirshhorn After Hours

Dude had the best outfit of the night, HANDS DOWN.After this summer’s rather lackluster After Hours event, I admit that I didn’t go into last Friday’s filled with high expectations. However, even if I had been expecting greatness, Hirshhorn would have achieved it. Fatback was an inspired choice of DJ group, so the dancing started pretty much as the doors opened and continued all night, not stopping even when it started raining (instead, there was a lot of adorable umbrella-related dancing). Their looped DVD of food made me hungry enough to try out the $5 bratwurst they were grilling up, and it was delicious. The specialty cocktail for the evening was delightfully autumnal — a spiced apple cider martini. Though some of my companions had some misses with their drinks, I managed to get just the right combination of booze, cider, and scoop of cinnamon thrown on the top.

I have to say, I also really enjoyed the Annie Truitt exhibit — her repititious use of geometric forms and her loving attention to color was presented in a way that didn’t ever feel tedious. Her wooden poles stood starkly in groups, the colors popping out from the stark white gallery walls. The exhibit dumps you into a video room running a rather spooky black and white film on her creative process, which was also enjoyable (though After Hours is always a little too loud and a little too drunk to really get into that kind of thing).

When my companions and I exited the museum, we were greeted by the vision of a sousaphone parting the crowd — Fatback brought a special guest, the New-Orleans-soul styled brass band the Madison Sounds of Deliverance (hear them under the cut!). They were awesome, and marched in to, clearly, The Saints Go Marching In. They played for at least half an hour, during which I was reminded that white hipsters looove the jump-as-dance-move. I can’t even judge though, because the everyone in the dance area had grins on their faces. The sort of wild, fun, dancing-with-abandon that has punctuated previous After Hours had returned!

All in all, this After Hours has restored my faith in one of the hippest, drunkest events in the DC museum scene: delicious drinks, happy dancing, great DJing, and enjoyable art all came together to make a genuinely fun evening. Make sure to grab your tickets early for the next one — the magic is back.

Photos & the Madison Sounds of Deliverance inside.

Halloween Weekend To Do List

matwoodHappy Halloween weekend, dear readers! I hope you all have costumes planned out, and theoretically you might know what you’re doing in those costumes. But if you need a little inspiration, we’ve got events, drinking, and some intellectual pursuits happening this weekend. Even Margaret Atwood is doin’ it up big.

Do the Monster Mash...inside.

Wanted: Hammer-Wielding Nutjob (Suspect)

MPD has, via the GW listservs, emailed out a modern day Wanted poster for the hammer-wielding nutjob suspected of attacking a GW student in Duques earlier this month.

Hammer Attacker Suspect Mohammed N. Niazi

Hammer Attacker Suspect Mohammed N. Niazi

Keep your eyes peeled, fellow FoBoians.

Humpday Sales

Is Trader Joe’s often a place where people find love over their mutual interest in organic food? Will the Maroon 5 concert ever legit sell-out? XBox 360 or PS3?

Answers inside.