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Battle of the Orange Line: Fathers and Presidents


Part 2 of a series leading up to The Battle of the Orange Line between GW and GMU in men’s basketball on December 2, 2009. We’ll be breaking down the rivalry in the coming days. Today: the namesakes and other presidents.

As the two DMV schools named after founding fathers, GW and GMU have a lot to live up to. So let’s take a quick gander at the legacies of each namesake.

Table comparing the Georges, Washington and Mason

Table comparing the Georges, Washington and Mason

I feel even the most biased of observers must cede this part of the argument to Washington. Certainly, Mason helped to write the Bill of Rights, but Washington gave birth to an entire nation without so much as an epidural. Regardless, has anyone ever created a video like this for Mason? I didn’t think so.

Since GW reigns supreme in the “named after more important dead person” category, how about living people?

Living people below!.

Photos: Obamas at GWU

President Obama waving at the bandSo, thought you’d go home for Thanksgiving and miss a men’s basketball game, eh? Well, then you missed out on a solid two hours of gawking at the First Family as they walked in, sat in the student section, made goofy faces, and ate popcorn. They managed to only make it onto the Jumbotron twice, entering and leaving, and requested no fanfare music. Alas, where ever the intrepid family goes, a group of reporters and curios fanboys are sure to follow, so behind the cut we’ve brought you exclusive photos from Colonial Brass alum Amanda Notarangelo. The First Family (including First Mother-in-Law) was there, of course, because Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson, is the Oregon State Basketball coach. Their team apparently got a tour of the White House. And they won the game, 64-57.

Read more about the game (note the byline, by one of our favorite sometimes contributors!): [ABC News]

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Former FoBoian Friend Finds Fame Afar

TJ Miller, GW graduate, ReceSs alum, and former Foggy Bottom-ite has found some success in Hollywood already. ¬†Cloverfield comes to mind, but that’s certainly not all he’s done.

We hear that he’s recently landed a part in the upcoming Yogi Bear movie thanks to his outrageous audition tape, which he made with the help of a live bear. ¬†Check it out after the jump!

The Jump..

Weekday Roundup

Whoo back to the grindstone! I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend, and is spending their first Monday back window shopping at work in honor of Cyber Monday, apparently one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Neat!

Millennium Stage has some good acts this week. Also, basketball.

Weekend To Do List

Slow weekend, probably because everyone was up at 3 am to fight other people for cheap stuff. I wasn’t though, suckers. I’m all about sleep.

Music & basketball.