Humpday Sales

Craigslist in FoBo is pretty unimpressive this week, dear readers, but I’ve tried my best. Mostly I’m upset because someone deleted their posting for free golden mystery snails. Yeah.


women’s wardrobe Reiss, Veda…mostly brand new 15 items – $500 – Expensive tiny clothes for sale!

NIKE SB DUNKS SZ 13! TWEED, SEND HELP, HEMP! RARE! – While this headline might seems totally incomprehensible, if you are into kicks, it appears to make some semblance of sense. Maybe.

$50 Borders Gift Card — Only $35! – $35 – Whoa crazy. Is this a scam, or does this dude hate books?

Blender – This ad is guilting you into picking up this (free) blender. If no one wants it, it’s trashed. Don’t you want to save it from that kind of fate?

Playstation 2 and 15 games – $100 – I guess you could probably get a cheaper DVD player, but can you play Madden 2010 on it? No.

R U Stuck with Jersey Boys Tickets for Tonight or the Future? – $1 – Jersey Boys tickets weighing you down? Well it just so happens that we’re flexible Jersey Boys fans. So you know. If you need a home for them. Call us!

Missed Connections

fairmont steam room – m4w – 24 – My mind is blown by the fact that you could need a missed connection to hook up with someone you met in a steamroom.

GW Journalist – w4m – 22 – What is this about? What art was beautiful? This ad is so filled with wistfulness and longing. “Goodbye Dean”…forever!

Made Eye contact and talked on Orange line Wed night after Caps game – m4w – 28 – That pretty much sums it up.


MCFADDENS DC IS HIRING BEER TUB/SHOT GIRLS – Uh, McFadden’s is hiring Tub Girls. Uh. Send ‘em your resume and your photo to apply.

Assemble Plasma TV display and install enclosure – The trick is that you’re building a TV for the Ashburn, VA campus of GWU. Zing!

Chalk Artist Needed for Office Project (Georgetown) – They want someone to spruce up their office!