Battle of the Orange Line: Fathers and Presidents


Part 2 of a series leading up to The Battle of the Orange Line between GW and GMU in men’s basketball on December 2, 2009. We’ll be breaking down the rivalry in the coming days. Today: the namesakes and other presidents.

As the two DMV schools named after founding fathers, GW and GMU have a lot to live up to. So let’s take a quick gander at the legacies of each namesake.

Table comparing the Georges, Washington and Mason

Table comparing the Georges, Washington and Mason

I feel even the most biased of observers must cede this part of the argument to Washington. Certainly, Mason helped to write the Bill of Rights, but Washington gave birth to an entire nation without so much as an epidural. Regardless, has anyone ever created a video like this for Mason? I didn’t think so.

Since GW reigns supreme in the “named after more important dead person” category, how about living people?

GMU games played at the Patriot Center in front of sitting presidents: 0

GW games played at the Smith Center in front of sitting presidents: 2

And in those two games, GW can claim two extra points (now I’m just padding the final score).

  1. Immediacy. Oh, did you miss 44 at the Smith Center? Kat’s got you covered, don’t worry.
  2. Upset. In a 1995 game against then-No. 1 in the nation UMass, GW managed to pull of the biggest upset in program history. In front of President Clinton, nevertheless.

So when talking famous dudes-about-town, GW wins this battle hands down. I’ll give them 3 points today (1 for GW the original, and 1 each for the sitting presidents who have watched the team play).