Got an iTunes giftcard? Need some classical music?

Many of you probably received iTunes gift cards for Christmas, and I was just browsing around the store and found something I had to pass on. It really has no relation to FoBo, but I think it’s a phenomenal collection. The record label Naxos has come together with iTunes to make a downloadable album of 24 hours of classical music for $9.99. It really is kind of a greatest hits (Bradenburg Concerti, The Four Seasons, Messiah, etc) but not in the obnoxious way so many collections are prone to (“Here, have one movement of the Four Seasons!”). Instead, you get whole pieces, and some actually great recordings. Here’s a link to a webpage that will ask you to open iTunes to look in the store. You don’t have to, and you can browse on the page, but you need to open it to buy. If you want to see the albums that the selections are drawn from, take a look here.

I’ve got a ton of these pieces already, but I’ll be getting the set because I don’t have them all, and the deal is just astounding. If you’re looking to start a classical music collection, this is a great way to do it. For now, I’m off to enjoy some John Dowland, and then maybe some Messiah later on. (Sure, it’s cliche, but whatever.) Enjoy!