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Sartorial Saturday

Meet Katerina and Minha, two stylish friends I accosted on 21st Street. Katerina is rocking a lot of second-hand, thrift store finds, and olive green boots, which are amazing. Minha is wearing a flatteringly shaped coat she got from H&M. I love the fact that Katerina is rocking a bright palette in a city that goes monochrome in the winter.

PS – Critical discussion is welcome on the outfits for this feature, but no negative comments about the people wearing them are allowed. Thanksssss.

Man Flashes GW Girls on Bike

A bike-riding man flashed his junk at several groups of girls at GW this week, at least twice on Monday, then again on Wednesday — making this officially the most weinerful week FoBo has seen in a long time. GWPD (the apparently new acronym for UPD) reports that the suspect is an approximately 20-something-year old hispanic male wearing jeans and a (possibly) khaki jacket.

From that description, our best guess is that the guy looked something like Rick Astley, but hispanic. And on a bike.

Gonna get dick-rolled.

Watch out. You don't want to get dick-rolled.

This isn’t quite as scary as a hammer-wielding nutjob, but I do wonder why it took GWPD all week to send out  a message about these incidents.

Full GW InfoMail message below the cut.

Click to see full report.

The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

This week at the Blo you could find a job, grab a lunch, or read about angry conservative penises!  What a whirlwind week!  Time to let loose and relax in this week’s open thread.  But first, a bizarre video.


Feel free to attack the comment section with your usual vigor.

Weekend To-Do List

OMG Pandas! Also, it might snow this weekend. I hope that doesn’t mess with Tai Shan’s giant going away party. Also, I hope it doesn’t snow.

Who doesn't love Butterstick.

FoBo in the News

This week the Historic Preservation Review Board considered granting historic landmark designation to five GW-campus apartment buildings and one office/studio, what appears to be a step-forward in GW’s greater plan of creating a special historic district around their FoBo campus. (DCMud)

The ANC is set to spend up to $3000 opposing a proposed nightclub near 21st and K.  The reason: the owner’s other club, located next door, has “plagued the neighborhood with noise, public urination and vomiting.”  Our ANC must hate Thurston Hall. (Washington Business Journal, GW Hatchet)

Late night metro riders heading out of Foggy Bottom dealt with routine track maintenance delays. (Get There)

The ANC also voted to support the contractor EastBanc, Inc.’s plans to redevelop the West End library and the fire station. The ANC seems to be impressed with the ample parking and lower density aspects of EastBanc’s plan.  It’s not like there’s a metro just a couple blocks away, even if it does have delays. (GW Hatchet)