GW Students to Haiti: “Get Well Soon!”

To be clear, what happened in Haiti was and continues to be a tragedy.  Many are doing good work to aid Haiti, some with their pocket books (see GW’s Swipe for Haiti) and some through other means (see Anderson Cooper being badass).

And then others are sending what appears to be an oversized “Get Well Soon” card.  For real.

On G Street between 21 and 22 today you could find a jar of markers and a large, “GW Hands 4 Haiti” emblazoned paper banner with dozens and dozens of signatures and small notes written on it.  GW Hands 4 Haiti, by the way, appears to be the brand for GW to slap on Haiti relief efforts, though it seems it may be connected to the GW Caribbean Student Association as well.

There’s something terribly tragic/sad/funny/cruel about the notion of some of the most privileged college students in the world sending an over-sized get well soon card to people (or maybe the entire nation somehow?) whose country was literally just shaken to the ground.

I’m going to refrain from commenting on exactly what I think about some of the messages that were left on this banner.  Please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.

Update: The GW Hatchet posted this video about a candle light vigil that includes some more information about the banner.  Check it out: