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Contest: Oscar Pool for $25 at E Street

So you might have noticed I’m an Oscar fan. This is the last weekend to see the Oscar-nominated animated & live action shorts at the E St. Theatre, and I highly recommend the animated shorts if you want some levity in your life right now. If serious, formal cinema is more your thing, check out National Geographic’s (1600 M St.) Global Glimpses series, where you can see the Oscar nominated foreign-films (though many of them are selling out fast!)

But watching movies in preparation for next Sunday’s Oscars isn’t the only thing I want to recommend to you, dear readers! We’re throwing an Oscar party here at the Blo’! You have until noon, March 7th, the day of the 82 Annual Academy Awards, to email me at with the provided Oscar ballot filled out. If you win the pool, you win a $25 gift certificate to E St. Theatre. If we have a tie, then I will randomly select the winner from the top contenders. So get to filling out the ballot and enter to win! Tell all your friends! Only 8 days left!

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The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday!  This was your first full week back in a normal routine for a lot of you.  February is coming to a close, and spring is so, so, so close.  Are you excited?  Let loose in today’s open thread.

Classic WTF video inside...

Weekend To-Do

Boy it sure is windy outside, huh. WINDY. The italics give it more purpose. Also, a lot of music and not too much else this weekend.

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FoBo in the News

This week: Easter is right around the corner, we get a cool history lesson, and Foggy Bottom faces the threat of efficient, friendly grocers!! Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

GW Alum Wins Bronze

GW Alum Elana Meyers, the push, and driver Erin Pac took a bronze medal for USA! USA! yesterday in the two-women bobsled event. It was pretty thrilling to watch as they crushed everyone but, predictably, the Canadians.

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Elana Meyers, a George Washington alum, wins bronze in bobsled [WaPo]