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The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday!  Unless you’re a GW student.  Then today’s Wednesday.  Suuuuuuuuucks for you.  While you lament the loss of mandatory language courses for CCAS students at GW, you can at least enjoy this awesome language instructional video.

Then you can let loose in the comments about how awesome your weekend is going to be.

"Where does it hurt?".

Weekend To-Do List

Guys there’s so much to do this weekend! It’s going to be so sunny! Oh…wait, your professor is actually holding his make up Thursday class tomorrow? That blows.

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FoBo in the News

It's Bono!

What a big week for Foggy Bottom!  GGW’s commentariat decided we had an existential crisis and wondered whether FoBo is a ghetto, Bono showed up, a garden got planted, and GW Patriot authors are getting attacked by villainous bicyclers!

All that and more...

Why I Hate GW’s LGBT Alumni Association – The Weekly Spread

So what year did you graduate?

Earlier this week, my only gay friend in DC invited me to accompany him to a happy hour at local shitshow Nellie’s for a happy hour sponsored by the GW LGBT Alumni Association. Now, I didn’t think I was eligible to attend such a VIP exclusive event, but it turns out grad students were welcome. My friend went to GW for undergrad, so naturally he knew most of the people in attendance. I immediately recognized the first person he talked to as the Muppet who told me I wasn’t hot enough to talk to on OKCupid. I knew this was going to go well.
See exactly how well it went....

Tom Colicchio at Farmers’ Market NEXT Week [Eatin' Fresh]

Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio

EDIT: According to the man himself, it’s next week.

So it’s a little chilly, but you might want to brave the cold to head out to the Farmers’ Market today next week and see if you can spot Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio, who will be there to promote the Good Food, Good Jobs initiative.  The idea is, as they put it “Just as the Obama administration and Congress have supported a ‘green jobs’ initiative to simultaneously fight unemployment and protect the environment, they should launch a ‘Good Food, Good Jobs’ initiative.”

Check it out and get some tasty treats while you’re at it.  We’ve got the full list of stands via the Foggy Bottom listserv:

Atwaters Bakery, Blueberry Hill Farm (organic), Bonaparte, Caprikorn (NEW cheesemaker), Cavanna Pasta, ChrisMarketplace (crabcakes, empanadas), Gunpowder Bison, Haskins Farm (pasture-raised meats, eggs), Lynnvale Studios (flowers), Pitango Gelato, Quaker ValleyOrchard (asparagus, apples, cider, honey), Sunnyside Farm & Orchard (seasonal fruit, veggies, delicious prepared foods).

At market this week:
FRESH at Market: Asparagus, spinach, salad mix, radishes, spring flowers, pasta and sauces, chicken, gelato, bison (including jerkey), goat’s milk cheeses, crabcakes, empanadas and lots of prepared foods (soups, dips, hummus, more!).


The FRESHFARM farmers’ market on Foggy Bottom runs from April 1st to November 25th.  Check it out  on Wednesdays from 3pm to 7pm, located on I St between 24th St NW and New Hampshire (right by the FoBo metro).  Find out more at their site.

Eatin’ Fresh! is a weekly series covering different stands and items at the FoBo Farmers’ Market — want us to cover something in particluar?  Let us know in the comments!