FoBo in the News

It's Bono!

What a big week for Foggy Bottom!  GGW’s commentariat decided we had an existential crisis and wondered whether FoBo is a ghetto, Bono showed up, a garden got planted, and GW Patriot authors are getting attacked by villainous bicyclers!

The FoBoGro lovetrain keeps on chugging, as the local grocers get some well deserved attention from WaPo.

Did you know there was a community garden (of sorts) near 24th and H? Me neither!  But the seeds for the spring have already been planted.

The ANC took no action for or against 10 local establishments seeking to renew their liquor license, implying their consent.  We’ll use the term “action” loosely here, since licenses are approved or denied by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, and not the ANC.  The Hatchet covered a bit more of the ANC meeting too.

Hooray for the Foggy Bottom outdoor sculpture tour!

Did you see Bono in FoBo this week?

Metro will be operating as usual this weekend. And by that, we mean there will be major delays due to maintenance. Also, street closures.

“The GW Patriot: Sophomoric Hateful Drivel?” While the author laments getting stuck behind bicyclists on freeways in CA, (Really? I mean, REALLY?) they’re right about bikes not being allowed on sidewalks in FoBo — which is why we support more bike lanes coming to the area.

Check out the comments at Greater Greater Washington for a hilarious argument that asserts 1) Foggy Bottom doesn’t exist as a neighborhood, and at the same time 2) it’s a student ghetto/white person ghetto/rich person ghetto.  All this over an even more ridiculous story about some Georgetown resident doing his best to prove that every neighborhood has its cranks.