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Weekend To Do List

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Flock to your apartment building’s rooftop pool, have a burger, chill out. Flee DC? Or go to one of these lovely events! Everything this weekend is freeeee.

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The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

An open thread means you should comment freely about whatever is on your mind.

Here's a video about gay nazis or something.

FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom, elevator loving (probably not what you’re thinking), no babies in FoBo, cheap eats, one of our favorite DC writers ever says the words “Foggy Bottom,” big changes coming to our metro stop, and local businesses don’t like the idea of a tax on sugary beverages. ¬†Also, we all watched LOST and we all hated it. ¬†Screw you, LOST.

No questions about what really happened in here...

Dirty Little Secrets – The Weekly Spread

Dita Von Teese

This is classy. That night was not.

The other night, I experienced the wonders of a gay strip club for the first and last time. I tagged along with a gay couple and a ladyfriend because one of the gays really, really wanted to check out “Amateur Night” at Secrets, appropriately located in the bowels of Southwest DC. I hated it, primarily because I was the only one of our group not in a long-term relationship pining to see greener grass or, in this case, floppier winky-dinks. I was also partially tricked into going, because even though I’ll admit to being curious about this den of iniquity, I was most looking forward to squaring off with my archnemesis. Lardo the Magnificent hates me because I refuse to have a so-called “hot threeway” with him and his manbaby partner, Viking the Vapid. Gird your loins for next week’s entry, which will provide the backstory of my comic book rivalry.

Imagine my chagrin when we pull up to the club and I’m informed Lardo won’t be able to make it. At least cover and drinks were relatively cheap. Upon entering this upstanding establishment, my eyes were greeted with every stereotype I’ve written about in this column.

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What is “a great way to spend a day”?

This event is the most fun you can have in DC at 9 AM on a Wednesday.

If you replied, “What is ‘A Jeopardy! Audition’?” you’re right! A little background before I dive into an account of how it went. My parents divorced when I was three and my mother got primary custody of me. Well, she worked night shift, so my grandparents got to raise me. Every night they watched the local news (KOMO 4!) the ABC World News (with Peter Jennings… I still miss him), Wheel of Fortune, and finally, Jeopardy! This means I’ve been watching Alex Trebek since I was four. At some point it became one of my life goals to be on the show. Head below to read the rest of my audition story.

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