Free Shoe Shine at Union Station Monday

Shoe Shines

Free Shoe Shines at Union Station

This is a deal so good that James Brown even showed up for it!

That’s right, (NFL sportscaster and NFL Today and Inside the NFL host) James Brown went to Union Station to get a free shoe shine and check out  the recently revamped Bloomberg Businessweek.

As part of a promotion to get the word about about the magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek is giving away free shoe shines.  Want to score some points with your boss? Show up to work on a Monday looking crisp and well-informed. During Monday morning’s commute, start the week off right with a free shine and flip through your own copy of the magazine.  Deets as follows:

Kick off your Monday right with the week’s latest news and a free shoe shine, all from the radically new Bloomberg Businessweek. Read the latest issue while you receive a free shoe shine at DC’s Union Station, Gate F on Mondays, May 10 and May 17th from 7 -11 a.m. We will be giving every shoe shine customer a free shine on us (it’s usually $9.00!!). The new Bloomberg Businessweek has more pages, more stories, more issues, and deeper insights with a more global perspective. Free shines are also taking place in NYC, SF and Chicago.

James Brown Getting Shiny

James Brown, Getting Shiny

Disclaimer: We’re not getting paid for this.  We just love free stuff and celebrity confusion.

Disclaimer II: And yes, as a person who knows nothing about sports, I was at first extremely confused when I read that James Brown was at Union Station getting a shoe shine.