FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom, elevator loving (probably not what you’re thinking), no babies in FoBo, cheap eats, one of our favorite DC writers ever says the words “Foggy Bottom,” big changes coming to our metro stop, and local businesses don’t like the idea of a tax on sugary beverages.  Also, we all watched LOST and we all hated it.  Screw you, LOST.

  • Did you know that the elevator at the metro is a glass Westinghouse lift?  Check out this video of an… elevator ride… at Foggy Bottom.  This guys has 1300+ videos or elevator rides.  Hm.
  • Did you know that only 1.2% of FoBo/West End is under 18 years old?  Does this surprise anyone?
  • Looking for cheap hotspots in FoBo and G-town?  This list lumps our hoods together and notes FoBo’s additions are Tonic, 51st State, and…. the metro station.
  • Pizza and the deconstruction of masculinity at the School Without Walls here in FoBo. Mostly I’m including this because The Sexist said the words “Foggy Bottom” AMANDA HESS WE LOVE YOU!!!!!11!!1!!!11!!!!1
  • Wowzas!  Did you know that our metro station will be getting new escalators, stairs, and a canopy this Fall?  Huzzah or harumph?  (I say huzzah!)
  • Local dynamo Kris Hart was out protesting the DC sugary beverage tax at the Wilson building. (Btw, there’s a hilaaaaaaaaaaarious flamewar over in those comments.  Man, why can’t we ever get that kind of ridiculousness?!)
  • Check out GW Alumn and former FoBoian Chuck Todd in this profile piece over at the Washington Post.