Humpday Sales

Sorry that the timing of these have been real whack lately.


Vintage Mammy Bank – $65 - What the fuck

Hot Stone Massage: Book + Kit – $6 – I like how they casually throw in that these are used hot rocks.

Urban Outfitters 5X7 Zebra Printed Cotton Rug – $15:|

Yard Sale in Foggy Bottom – Wed 6/30 and Thurs 7/1 from 8 am to 5 pm – Well, you can go tomorrow.

Nintendo DS Lite w/ 3 DS games, 1 GBA game – $150 – Can someone please be my friend in Animal Crossing: Wide World?

Missed Connections

Breakfast at the Red Cross – m4m – 25 – Black pants, white shirt, and a tie? How descriptive.

Wine lover on the metro? – w4m – 20 – I hope it wasn’t Chuck Shaw.

interns from ohio – m4w – 20 – Are you both from Ohio? Oh whatever, just go to Hawk & Dove.

Gorgeous Brunette on Orange Line to Vienna Friday around 1ish – m4w – 24 – I think we had a connection as you blasely flipped through a binder.

Hot Guy at the L A Sp Club on Thursday (06/24) – m4m – 27 – Dude it’s a gym! Just go for it!