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The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy weekend everyone!  Per usual, we’ve got a fun video and a comment thread to call your own.  Hop to it, dear readers.

Video and comment inside...

FoBo in the News

Rains Flood the Foggy Bottom Metro

Via WeLoveDC

This week in Foggy Bottom: the metro outdoes itself in crappiness, here comes a movie theater, and students suggest an improvement to the portion of FoBo which seems to have been set aside entirely for cars.

The News inside!.

Interns on the Metro – Lady Gaga Video

Our favorite summertime residents now have their own Lady Gaga parody video!  Everyone who’s ever had to deal with summer interns will get a good laugh out of this.  The creators, I’m told, are some students living in Mitchell Hall right here on Foggy Bottom.  OOoooOOOOOooooo FoBo featured in an online video!!


Props to the creators!  Our hearts are with you.

50% Off at Tonic

Just a head’s up that today’s deal at is 50% off at Tonic.  It’s $20 for $40 worth of food and drink.

Get the deal here.

I’d spend it all on tots.

Humpday Sales

Guys if someone buys me this toaster I will shower them with affection for at least a week.

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