Monthly Archives: August 2010

Weekday To-Do List

Pro-tip: If you’re in a crowded area, say, in front of a certain University’s library, don’t just stand there in a giant huddled group as people try to move past you.

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The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday! Welcome back G-dubbers.  Chat in the thread.

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FoBo in the News


This week in FoBo: GW students return, Hatchet tries to scare parents; UPD chief reaches out to community; students living in condos? madness!; jumps on the “FoBo Metro Stinks!” bandwagon; Rhee rocks.

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FoBoJoe: M.E. Swing Co.

This is a bit out of the way, as most FoBo-ites going White House-ward either go South or North, and for good reason too. Why would you walk straight at the Old Executive Office Building only to then have to walk around the complex? Well, I’ve got a reason for you.

But I don't WANT to go near the OEOB!.

Humpday Sales

I’m celebrating my triumphant return with a Humpday Sales that is actually sort of on time.

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