FoBo in the News


This week in FoBo: GW students return, Hatchet tries to scare parents; UPD chief reaches out to community; students living in condos? madness!; jumps on the “FoBo Metro Stinks!” bandwagon; Rhee rocks.

  • Hey, Hay!  New UPD chief says he’ll reach out to the FoBo community for input. We guess his number one complaint will be “FoBoGro’s sandwiches are causing utter mayhem!”  Just kidding! (Not really.)
  • Is it better to buy a condo than to pay for a dorm? It’s no secret that GW charges 2x-3x the going rental rates to students.  What the Post doesn’t mention is that freshmen and sophomores are required to live in dorms.  Gee, I wonder if that rule has anything to do with the inflated dorm pricing?
  • GW Hatchet’s suggestion for incoming students to have a good time in DC?  Get the hell out of FoBo. WTF HATCHET!?  Grass is always greener I suppose…
  • For you law students out there: remember that villain that attacked and brutally beat and robbed an 83 year-old woman by the FoBo metro in 2005?  He’s been trying to get out of his conviction on a technicality.  From what I can tell, this brief shows that he won’t.
  • A long, but good story about Michelle Rhee’s (successful in our opinion) efforts to improve schooling in DC, including right here in Foggy Bottom at the Francis-Stevens school.  Rhee probably has the toughest job in this city.