Monthly Archives: September 2010

Humpday Sales

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

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Weekday Round Up

This week is pretty presidential — Jimmy Carter comes to Lisner, and President Obama shares the stage with B.o.B. of Airplanes fame. I don’t know either, okay?

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GWHatchet: What is the World Coming To?!

Can’t a teenager get so drunk they have to go to the hospital without other people getting all judgemental?!

I laughed particularly hard at the line about how “you wouldn’t treat your grandparents like that.” ¬†Well, if grandma was getting wheeled out of a college dorm because she had drank too much jungle juice and jello shots, maybe I just would.

Weekend To-Do List

Well, this weekend is the National Book Festival, so that means that 1) it’ll probably rain 2) MAYBE YOU CAN MEET MISS FRIZZLE.

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The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday.

Here’s a video!