GW is So Gay

Gawker included American University, but not George Washington University on their “Top 10 Colleges for Gay Students” list.  That’s just bad reporting.

Ok, Gawker.  We got beef.  Big. Gay. Beef.  Nobody puts GW in the corner.

While some of the AU description is accurate (they are GW’s backup school after all — and GW is, honestly, Georgetown’s backup,) they mess up some parts: for example, AU is known as Gay Jew not Gay U.  And GW for the matter, is awkwardly called Gay Double-Jew. Other times it’s Gay White University.

Gawker Image

Via Gawker

The GW jeebs (that’s short for G.B. which is short for Gay Boy – GW is so gay they invented a new term for it) literally go out and run the world through the DC gay mafia that dominates the public relations world.  That shit is real.

Plus, GW is known for being full of total hotties. If there’s one thing gay people love, it’s being and being around total hotties.  No jeeb would go to AU if they could get into GW.

Other points in favor of GW’s total gayness:

  • GW is so gay that they don’t have a football team.
  • GW is so gay she goes by the feminine pronoun.

The list goes on and on.  Feel free to add to it in the comments.