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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas from FoBoBlo, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and the Nexus!

Humday Sales

So I’ve left the chilly prison that is Foggy Bottom for the hols — y’all might have noticed that posting has been light, but we promise to ramp up the action by the New Year.

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The (Not So) Weekly Spread – Blue Ballin’

Like this, but with more puking.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I decided I needed a break. It’s that time of the year, when obligations to family, friends, work, and school drive everyone to drink just a little more than they usually do. Since I started dating the boy next door (literally) a couple months ago, I’ve only been in and out on FoBoBlo– well, mostly out, as in, not present. But I digress.
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Review & Contest: Christmas Revels!

Though I’m a Buddhist, I have learned to love and embrace the Christmas season, and part of that is due to annual performances by Christmas Revels.

What is Christmas Revels, you ask? Well, it changes every year, but the basic format is the same: pick a place, a time period, and perhaps an author or culture, and then build a show around the Christmas and winter traditions, filled with songs, audience sing alongs, traditional dances, and other wonderful things.

Of course, this formula flows more smoothly some years than others, but this year’s show is excellent. Based on the books and poems of Thomas Hardy, primarily Wessex, the show takes place in the ye olde nineteenth-century English town of Mellstock. The music is absolutely lovely, and you’ll recognize some favorites (and get to sing along!). This year’s show also features guests from England, The Mellstock Band, a quartet of clarinet, violin, concertina, and the serpent (or a ye olde tuba).

You should go if: you like Christmas carols, you like to sing in groups, you need a study break, you watching dancing, you like actually dancing, you enjoy the works of Thomas Hardy, you enjoy drunken English villagers, or if you enjoy 19th century music (including time-appropriate instruments)! That means you should probably go, and FoBoBlo wants you to be able to for free!

Just like last week, send a message to with “FoBoBlo blog” in the subject line. Include name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Revels will notify the winner ASAP. The tickets will be for the show on Sunday, December 12th, at 5 pm.

[Tickets & Information]

GWU Sends Out a Warning About Wikileaks

The Elliot School’s Graduate Student Career Development office shot out an email yesterday using WikiLeaks in bibliographies and citations in academic papers. Since the information was not “properly declassified,” those who have documented viewing of the information could be at risk for losing security clearance or even employment.

We retweeted someone’s post about this email earlier today, and @elisevc tweeted us this link that has the text from a similar email from Columbia University, though they warn more about social media activity (such as linking to WikiLeaks information on your facebook).

Though, the email does end on a cheerful note: “We do not intend to restrict your academic study or infringe on your rights to access information in the public domain—we just think that job-seeking students be advised of a potential risk. Please exercise your own best judgment. [sic]” Very diplomatic.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it good advice for the myriad of students looking for federal jobs, fearmongering, both? Discuss in the comments.

full email below the cut.