Humpday Sales

Sadly not much happening in missed connections land, so y’all better start stumbling into handsome strangers more as the weather cools down.

King-Size Armchair – $80FIT FOR A KING

Light Leather Table (pick up only) – $10 – I’ll confess, the title of this confused me for a second. Very scene.

78 CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS! BRAND NEW SILVER BALLS IN BOX – wedding – $50 – the “wedding” just hanging takes a while to be explained…”We were going to use these for a holiday wedding…but the colors were changed.” Womp womp.

Pilates Power Gym Reformer – $145 – These things are amazing, by the way, but how do you fit it in an apartment?

NordicTrak – Very Good Condition – Delivery Available – $100 – I guess you could put your reformer next to this.

ALEXANDER McQUEEN SHIRT BRAND NEW WITH TAG!!! – $70 – Pro-tip…eBay that ish.

8″ platform mary janes – $15
– I like the subtle distinction between “used once” and “worn once.” You could get these to go with your leather table.

Foggy Bottom Metro/Kennedy Center – 42 – Two bald dudes exchanging glances in the Metro.

Guy in the Vibram 5 Fingers Saturday night – w4m – 29 – I can almost not believe the title to this missed connection exists in the real world. Those shoes are like boner/ladyboner-repellent.

DCA handsome GWU student – w4m – 25 – This is adorable in a blushy kind of way. He was reading a giant forensics book!

Cobalt After Close on Thanskgiving – m4m – 31
– I’m posting this because…who goes to Cobalt…on Thanksgiving?