Humday Sales

So I’ve left the chilly prison that is Foggy Bottom for the hols — y’all might have noticed that posting has been light, but we promise to ramp up the action by the New Year.


Gorgeous Water Pipe – $300 – If you have to bother saying ‘for tobacco use only,’ you might want to forgo the 420 keyword.

Giant Hello Kitty – $50 – The baby in the photo really helps give you the scale. Also, dear lord this is frightening.

Freedom: A Novel by Jonathan Franzen – $10 – lolz.

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun – $75 – Dang yo.

2 guitar s great deal GIBSON/BALDWIN SG/ FENDER STRAT – $250 – I don’t know what a Mexican Fender is. Alas.

Foggy Bottom Metro at 8pm – m4w (Waiting for metro) – ” I could stop staring.” This is…not the compliment you’re looking for.

GWU GIRL !!!! – m4w – 31 (LISNER HALL) – This is ostensibly written by a 31 year old man, but reads as though it was written? By like, a 13 year old girl? Who can’t stop inflecting her sentences as like, questions?

GMC’s Production of Men in Tights – A Pink Nutcracker – m4m – This seems like the perfect venue for chatting someone you actually know socially.

Missed Connections

GELMAN 3rd Floor 3:15 – m4m – 22 – This starts off normal but then turns into a plea for clandestine sex.

cute brunette w/ bike messenger bag at Trader Joes – m4w – I like it when people are afraid that the wrong cute brunette with bike messenger bag will be contact them.