Monthly Archives: January 2011

Weekday Roundup

Free sandwiches, free breakfast, expensive fundraisers, and museum fun under the cut!

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Weekday Round-Up

So I hope you’ve all done a good job avoiding eight year olds with anti-abortion posters (unless you’re into that…I…guess) today. This week is looking to be marginally less frigid than last, which means: more blogs, more activities! Things have been slow as your bloggers readjust to classes, work, and the particularly deadly blend of DC pollen and cold, but hopefully we can bring you content a little more regularly lately.

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FoBo in the News

This week in FoBo: escalators and stairs coming to FoBo metro, jazzy New Orleans restaurant opens, horrible awful no-good trees, and chemical reaction evacuation!

It's all inside.

Weekend To-Do List

So, as y’all know, the Metro is down for the weekend. But! The Kennedy Center shuttle is still running normally, just FYI.

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FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: Metro closed over MLK Jr. Day Weekend, more pizza (!), more bikes (?), more police (?), and more students (?).  It’s all inside.

Some of us are planning on being more productive than others during the 3-day MLK Jr. weekend.  Metro, for example,  is replacing track switches, escalators and elevators, and improving cell phone service in Foggy Bottom!  That means the Foggy Bottom Metro station will be closed from 10pm Friday through Monday.  Good luck navigating.

Of course, you can avoid Metro altogether if you sign up for a Capital Bikeshare account.  It looks like there may be a new CaBi station at the FoBo Metro, too.  (Right now, there’s a pretty big station about one block away, by the TGI Fridays.)

When the FoBo Metro does reopen, you can expect an increased police presence.  The GW Hatchet reports it’s a response to an increase in crime — but fails to give any real numbers.  So, a 56% increase from the last year in burglaries could mean 14 more burglaries.  Or it could mean 98 more burglaries.  My bet is 56% is a larger number than the actual amount of burglaries.  Either way, I guess MPD didn’t want to get showed up by local superheroes.

New pizza coming to K Street will have to compete with the “Best Pizza Ever” in Foggy Bottom.

Will GW’s population cap be lifted by Gray?  (And do you think that’s a good idea?)