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“Concerned Citizen” Thwarts Purse Thief in FoBo Metro [Video]

Via TBD:

Yesterday a couple 15ish year olds were stopped by a bystander as they tried to make a run for it with some lady’s purse.

While one Metro employee looked like he was about to let the kids go once the victim noted she wasn’t going to press charges, another quickly followed.  He told the kids to sit on the ground and wait for Transit Police to show up — and then proceeded to publicly scold the little criminals.  Via TBD:

“There ain’t no apologizing, son,” he said. “It’s too late to apologize. You can apologize to transit [police] when they get here.” He shamed the kid for robbing a woman. “You’ve got a mother at home. You don’t take money from a lady,” he went on. “You’re gonna learn something tonight.”

Regarding the would-be purse-ionairres, the Metro employee reportedly commented that:

“That’s why they do it,” he said of the thieves. “Because usually nobody does anything.”

These kids are lucky DC doesn’t have any of it’s own superheros, and so only had to deal with bystanders.  Imagine if they had to face Phoenix Jones!

Weekday Round Up

So…we’re back! Whooo! Happy first day of classes, GWU students, and happy first day of dealing with GWU students, everyone else!

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