Monthly Archives: February 2011

Weekday Round Up

I think it might finally be spring!

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FoBo in the News


This week in FoBo: an escalator comes alive and starts eating people, local businesses have a problem with competition on wheels, there’s a cool book out about FoBo, and the ANC is opposed to…. everything.

Everything (inside).

Weekend To-Do List

This post for you comes in-transit, so sorry for the tardiness.

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Hitler Finds out Adams Mill is Closed

You’ve all heard that Adams Morgan bar Adams Mill is closing up shop. ┬áThe GW Hatchet covered it on Monday, and tossed in a reminder that this is the same bar Laura Treanor went to the night she allegedly drank herself to death (though the incident doesn’t seem to be directly connected to the bar’s closing.)

Because we love DC and love internet memes, we had to share with you this great video that shows what happened when Hitler found out Adams Mill closed.


Borders on L St. NW Set to Close

Borders, bookstore giant, filed for bankruptcy protection today after owing millions to publishing companies. At least 200 stores are set to close, with the possibility of 75 more stores shutting down in the future.

The Borders at 1801 K St. NW is on the list of stores set to close (as is the other DC Borders on Wisconsin). I think this is a damn shame, because that Borders was always looking for ways to be a resource to the community by hosting authors of all sorts and making sure to highlight local books. I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.