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Missing Person in Foggy Bottom

UPDATE: He was found safe and sound.  He left on his own accord.

Posters are up around Foggy Bottom and a message was sent to the Foggy Bottom Alert list regarding Matt Hill, who was last seen on Tuesday, May 24th.  If you have any information, you are encouraged to call the police immediately. Included in the message to the Foggy Bottom Alert was this information from Hill’s friend, Kasey:

My friend Matt Hill has been missing for over 72 hours.  We have strong reason to believe he was the victim of a crime in Foggy Bottom.  Please see the attached flyer as well as the information I have copied and pasted in this email.

Thank you so much for your help.  To say that it is out of his character to be missing is an enormous understatement.  Something has happened to our friend.  Please help us get the word out.

Matt Hill - Missing Person


Matthew (Matt) Alan Hill

6 feet tall
170 lbs.
White male, blue eyes
Dirty blond/light brown hair
Carrying  a navy/gray JanSport backpack

Last seen: Tuesday, May 24th at 10:30am
Last seen driving: 1996 Black Honda Civic LX
DC Plate #: DT-2747

Please Call:
Officer McLean (Metro Police): 202-730-1903
Holger Hill (Father): 704-839-9699

There’s more information here and the Facebook group is here.  The last time we heard about a missing person in Foggy Bottom was in 2009, with Royal Gethers.  We hope that Matt returns safely.

FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: things are pretty quiet in Foggy Bottom this week.  Local Bayou gets some buzz, and GGW talks about shortening Metro station names.  We’re guessing that most Foggy Bottom activity this week has been focused on relaxing, chillaxing, and the like.

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Weekday Round Up

So the world didn’t end yesterday. OR no one I know is good enough to be raptured. People who also weren’t raptured: summer interns, who were crammed into the FoBo Metro stop this morning and seemed unconcerned about basic escalator etiquette. With only two escalators running (“running”), this could prove hazardous.

It’s a light week for events, so let us know if you or a group you’re affiliated with is doing something exciting!

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FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: Foggy Bottoms is smokin’.  That is to say, a house caught on fire, the hottest prof in the country works here (HOT PROFS!), illegal vendors, and some clarification on escalator maintenance.

It's all inside...

The Weekend To-Do List, Graduation Edition

So this will have two types of events: events for those of you that are kicking around FoBo for graduation weekend, and those who are desperate to leave it to escape all families. Pro-tip: don’t even think about walking into Founding Farmers.  (PS – sorry for the light posting, but, you know, finals).

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