FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: another quiet week in FoBo — our local missing man was found safe and sound, and the Sex and the City inspiring author is coming to town.  Read this, then go to the beach.  Happy Friday, everyone.

After local man Matt Hill went missing–with some speculating that this was the “next Chandra Levy”–he was found in Asheville near his hometown. He left on his own, and the most we know is that he wanted to get away for personal reasons.  The whole debacle caused considerable panic among his friends and family, and–because of his extensive involvement his Church–increasingly bizarre quotes about the involvement of celestial creatures.   The Internet’s commentariat have questioned the appropriateness of both his behavior and his friends’ reactions. It seems clear that the guy felt he desperately needed a clean break from the people in his life at the time, the same people who then organized a massive manhunt to find him.  Whatever the case may be, we’re glad he’s safe.

The author of the Sex and the City inspiring book series will be promoting her new book at The Residence on the Avenue — the new apartments opening up on Washington Circle in square 54.  If you’d like to attend, all you have to do is sign a lease for an apartment there.  Totes glam, ladies and homos.  Totes glam.