FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: bees on GW roofs, FoBo 20′s style, how to beat an 83-year old woman and not get punished, so much awesome opening soon, Kris Hart: WINNING.

GWU + Founding Farmers + Bees = AWESOME! The University and local restaurant teamed up to build an apiary for fresh, locally sourced honey.   Yay bees! Yay local sourcing! YAY!

On the 4th of July, Metro turns into some sort of delightful nightmare.  Trains get crowded like woah, but it’s a pretty common sight to see whole cars burst out into patriotic songs.  Metro is planning for the heavy load.  Remember that if you’re heading to the Mall for fireworks, the FoBo metro is one of the closest (Smithsonian is mostly closed that day.)

A couple awesome athlete brothers who grew up just north of Foggy Bottom in the 1920′s share their story.

Sorry guys, I can’t even absorb sports information.  So for those of you that are interested, this is the best I can come up with: GWU, cross country, coach.

The man that ruthlessly beat and robbed an 83-year old woman in 2005 just by the FoBo Metro is trying again to walk free on a technicality.  This isn’t his first attempt to try and get out punishment for his vicious crime (which was caught on video).

Whole Foods, Circa, Roti, Sweetgreen, District Commons, and Burger, Tap and Shake are all opening up SO SOON.  We’re excited.  Get excited with us.  We’re excited.  Whole Foods even has their own Foggy Bottom location Facebook page.

In addition to food places coming, CitiBank has already opened it’s doors at the development once known as  Square 54.  They’ve been pushing community involvement pretty heavily, and were even at this week’s FreshFarm Farmer’s Market handing out totes.

DC Chamber of Commerce <3′s Hart. Local dynamo Kris Hart was awarded the DCCC Young Entrepreneur of the Year award this month.  Hart’s the man behind FoBoGro and  Relaxed Spa & Tans here in FoBo.  His businesses employ 70 people, and his presence on F St. has completely revitalized that part of our neighborhood in just a few short years.  Congrats Kris!  We can’t think of a better person to win this award.