FoBo in the News


This week in Foggy Bottom: CitiBank is smart, Rammy award winning FoBo, bike lanes, and how to survive 4th of July in DC.  Happy independence day weekend!  Take that, England!

Did you know that the new CitiBank in Foggy Bottom isn’ t just another branch?  It’s “smart.”  That’s right, it has video assistance and check scanning ATMs.  Very cool.

Can you guess which Foggy Bottom restaurant won a Rammy?  (Hint: their drinks are amazing, and so are their deviled eggs.)

Both GGW and the Dish are reporting that the cycle tracks (bike lanes) on L and M street appear to be in pretty serious danger of not being completed. Mayor Gray has said that he wants to make DC a top tier bike friendly city, let’s hope he actually sees the L&M tracks get done.  Bike lanes are great!  They’re safer and faster for everyone.  Although it’s illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk in our neck of DC, it’s not an uncommon sight.  Why?  There’s not a single bike lane in Foggy Bottom, often making the sidewalk the safest place for bikes.  Bike lanes would fix all that.  If you’re a bicyclist and want a lane, sign the petition If you’re a pedestrian and want bikes to have a safe place to ride besides the sidewalk, sign the petition. If you’re a car-driver and want bikes to have their own lane, sign the petition.  If you’re not a giant D-Bag, sign the petition.

For those of you heading out to the mall for 4th of July festivities, remember that the Foggy Bottom metro is one of the best ways to get there, even with one escalator being down for repair.  This complete “survival guide” is full of other useful tips as well.