FoBo in the News

Hole 54

Can you believe all this awesomeness was a giant hole not that long ago?

This week in Foggy Bottom: FoBo metro escalators suck (surprise) but might be getting better really, really soon;Square 54 is getting awesomer by the day; SweetGreen opens today but there’s a tinge of sour to go with that sweetness; GW may be greener than you thought.

Escalator problems at the FoBo Metro station left hundreds stranded on the platform, unable to exit the station.  It’s hard to tell if this is even “news” anymore. Hopefully when the “next generation” escalator goes into service on Monday, things will improve.

Can we just say how juiced we are over the awesomeness that is Square 54?  Check out this sweet slideshow of the development, and start to get excited.

Speaking of Square 54 — today is SweetGreen’s grand opening in Foggy Bottom!  According to their Facebook event page, the first 200 get a free lunch.  Normally they also give away a free bike to the winner of their Facebook bike competition today as well, but this time the competition went sour after friends of the runner-up resorted to seriously poor sportsmanship and bullying of the competition winner.  Deranged messages left for the winner, including the gem “YOU’LL NEVER SEE THAT BIKE, ASSHOLE” (emphasis not added) resulted in Sweetgreen removing most posts related to the competition from their Facebook wall entirely.  I’ve heard rumor that they’ll also be giving a bike to the runner-up as well as the winner because of the conflict.

Did you know just how green GW can be?  It’s a pretty informative read (did you know that GW uses rain barrels to help water the grounds, and has a $2 million plan for green investment?), but for some reason introduces a “neighborhood tensions” non sequitur based on what one resident “seems” to perceive that GW is just a big ol’ baddy.  What’s that eye-roll emoticon again?