FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom:

Circa, a new restaurant in the Square 54 development, is officially open! Huzzah! Probably not the best week to utilize their awesome looking outdoor patio (and bar!), but once it cools down, you can bet I’ll be there for happy hour.

Speaking of new eateries, our neighborhood’s Sweetgreen hosted a “Salad Toss Wednesday” this week. Yes, that’s actually what they call it. You can that one an your own.

Our fancy new escalator at the Foggy Bottom Metro had a little hiccup this week — but was back up in no time (pretty quickly too, considering how long the old ones would go down for!)

OOoOOOO! An interview with the boys of Jukebox the Ghost! Did you know that “the energy of Foggy Bottom” fueled their early songwriting?  What a strange thing to say.  Anyway, it’s Jukebox! Swoon.

New life being breathed into the Stevens School?  Let’s hope so.  After some residents successfully killed plans to develop it into an apartment building for fear that it would be lived in by students, it looks like there may be potential to develop it as a school and mixed commercial use location.  It sounds like this time around there may be more community support.  In the interim, neighborhood folk seemed to be fine with apartments being built on top the new fire hall and library.  This whole thing was always such a crapshoot.  Cross your fingers for progress!

Also, it’s hot as balls outside. No link for that one — you can just go outside.  Actually, don’t go outside.  I hear it’s hot as balls outside.