FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: Textile Museum coming to GW, a freaky hit-and-run in FoBo, Spike’s salad at Sweetgreen, and Roti opens up today!

The Textile Museum will be setting up shop at GW.  It’s an often overlooked museum, but they’ve got artifacts that are 5000 years old and the partnership will provide awesome research opportunities for students and faculty right here in Foggy Bottom.  Very cool.

A driver hit a man in Foggy Bottom with their car in a hit-and-run incident this week.  The victim actually jumped up and rolled over the car and windshield, cracking it.  Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously hurt.

The winning salad at Sweetgreens salad Toss Up! was none other than DC celebrity Spike’s own creation. And, it looks awesome. Watch out for it at Sweetgreen in August.

Woohoo! Roti is officially open today, and they’ve already got a Yelp! review.