FoBo in the News

End is Near!

This week in Foggy Bottom: Everything is crazy.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other general news regarding the apocolypse.

In preparation for the coming hurricane, Foggy Bottom Metro Station (and others) are getting sandbags , getting their drains checked, and chainsaws will be on hand for certain metro employees.  The chainsaw bit is badass.

Irene is moving in just as GW students are, too. The University is opening it’s doors to students today, a day earlier than planned to try to alleviate some of the difficulty for families.

Just like with the earthquake, your hurricane plan should probably include following us on Twitter.

The whole earthquake was a strange event.  People in cars (like myself) tended not to feel it at all, while some people in buildings were running for the doors.  Traffic immediately worsened to snowpocolypse levels, and commuters had an awful evening. Particularly unsettling: watching the State Department evacuate, getting  stuck in a metro train under the Potomac, hoping an aftershock doesn’t arrive.

While most schools in the region were able to open shortly after the earthquake, ironically it’s the “School Without Walls” located in Foggy Bottom that had to remain closed longer due to structural damage.  And if you’re wondering why it’s called School Without Walls, here it is.

But the first crazy thing to happen this week was an overpowering stench that swamped Foggy Bottom and West End.  Our local listserv got more than a few questions, and it was the Fire Dept that finally let everybody know why they were holding their noses.