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Listen to the Music: Some headphones for your Foggy Bottom ways

I’m a pretty picky fellow when it comes to headphones. I’ve gone though approximately a pair a year since I started college (2004), all in search of the perfect pair. I want something that is comfortable, excludes a lot of outside noise, and sounds good with the music I listen to. Aesthetics aren’t really a part of the discussion. Over-the-head headphones won’t cut it for me, not because they don’t look good, but rather because they aren’t too portable. I’ve got to find a pair that works well on the metro and aren’t a pain to carry around.

Well, the local DC spokesperson of AT&T, Margarita Noriega, recently gave me a trio of headphones and one Bluetooth speaker to try.  I wasn’t told to say anything, and I’m at liberty to write whatever I want (as you’ll see below). The idea was that perhaps I could find a pair worth recommending to the readers of this fine blog.

After some pretty extensive listening, I come with two pairs to avoid, one that I love, and one Bluetooth speaker that would be awesome were it not for the price tag. All three headphones came equipped with a mic for use with a smartphone, though I didn’t get the chance to test those. So these reviews are based purely on sound.

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