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So I’ve never shared this with you all before, but we get a lot of traffic data concerning our site.  I typically don’t too much attention to it, but these results leave me absolutely tickled. I guess if we want to attract more people, we should write about DC sluts and Alec Baldwin.  Maybe I’ll see if we can get Pickles to do an interview with Mr. Baldwin.

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  3. alec baldwin
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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas from FoBoBlo, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and the Nexus!

Happy Turkey Week [And Happy Friday]

We hope you’ve had fun with Kat’s comics this week — we’ll be back on Monday with your regularly scheduled FoBoBlo features!

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Happy Turkey Week [Turkey DAY, actually]

Happy Thanksgiving!  We’re on hiatus, by Kat’s comic’s are hard at work.

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Happy Turkey Week [Cruise Control]

We may be gone this week, but Kat’s comics are here!

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