Osama bin Laden’s Death Leads to Crowds at White House

Or, obvious headline is obvious. Here are some photos taken by me & friend of the blog, Melissa K.

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Kennedy Center Honors: “Washington, DC – like Hollywood, but for ugly people.”

This article & all photos are by our sometimes correspondent Andrew Palczewski; all Alec-Baldwin-is-dreamy captions are mine.

Save for a few pretty faces in the halls of Congress and a gaggle of outrageous housewives featured on Bravo, Washington by and large lives up to this characterization: most famous Washingtonians are known for legislation bearing their names, not for being on the cover of People.

But every year, on the first Sunday in December, Hollywood and DC collide for one magical night right here in Foggy Bottom, at the Kennedy Center Honors: the annual feting of five individuals deemed by the Kennedy Center Board of Trustees to be their favorite celebrities significant to our national culture.

As I learned from my time at college just blocks from the Kennedy Center, the masses are able to watch this ritual, the intermixing of celebrities and Congressmen, from a rope life just off of the red carpet. And so, for the past few years, I have fought my way through the crowds (which seem to get bigger every year as more and more people share the secret of the rope line) to engage in our national pastime: staring at the beautiful people.

This year was no disappointment, although the first person I saw as I walked up to the red carpet was Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs. Have you seen the man? He is certainly no one’s idea of beautiful. Unless, of course, you love money, and who doesn’t?

There were quite a few famous faces I recognized immediately, despite the cries of the people around me (i.e. “OHMYGODITSGWENSTEFANI!!!”; “SMOKEYROBINSONILOVEYOU!!!”). While Gwen and Smokey didn’t stop for pictures or to sign autographs (in fact, Smokey tersely explained that if can’t sign everything, he won’t sign anything), some were gracious enough to stop for pictures, and a few even signed autographs for the little people.

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Hey, remember the warm, warm sun?

In case you’ve forgotten, Flickr user kyle_conrad reminds us of warmer, sunnier days with this gorgeous pic.

waterfront. by kyle_conrad

Flickr User kyle_conrad

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You’ve all said you’re plenty sick of the snow, though probably not snow days (for those of you who get them!)  Clean up in DC seems to be well underway — and while it’s nice to be able to get around, the whole process really squelches the beauty of the snow.  And while our Flickr pool has been filling up with some really beautiful shots of FoBo under snow, here’s a pic that sums up exactly how I feel about all the snow at this point.

Dirty Snow

Image by Kevin H.


Today’s photo of the day over at DCist shows a familiar sight:

Image by gdudg

If any of you have your own wintry shots of FoBo you’d like to share, head on over to our Flickr Pool and add them!