How do you beat the heat? [Polls]

Looks like yesterday’s torrents have ushered in some slightly cooler and less humid weather — but it’s still toasty out there.  Let is know in today’s poll your favorite way to beat the heat in FoBo.

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What did you do for Memorial Day?

So I suppose I might have asked you this last week — but I guess I was just too excited for the big three-day weekend to even think about what anybody else would be doing.  So, here’s your chance to let us know how you honored all the men and women of service on this past Memorial Day.  Tell us in our poll, and if your answer isn’t there, then tell us in the comments!

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Are you employed? [Polls]

While it looks like about 1/4 of our readers are out of FoBo for the Summer, we’re still curious as to what the rest of you are doing.  We expect that a certain percentage of you graduated a week ago and are now off on the “real world” adventure — so to you (and everyone else) we ask: are you employed?

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Where will you be this summer? [Polls]

FoBo is a college ‘hood for sure.  A lot of students pack their bags and roll out for the summer, but quite a few stay here as well.  Some of us who are here more permanently like the calmness of the quite FoBo summers, others really miss the hustle and bustle.

So let us know, are you going to be in FoBo for the summer?

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College ACB Gaining Popularity? [Polls]


We’re bringing back an old poll so you can continue to weigh in.  College ACB, a Juicy Campus-like gossip board for students (which we wrote about awhile ago) seems to be getting more and more popular — maybe it’s because college students are all in finals week and readily welcome distractions, maybe it’s just the darker side of human nature rearing its head.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just mean.  Let us know what you think about it in our poll.

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