Where to See the Oscar Nominees in DC

Or at least, where to see the harder to find nominees, since I’m assuming everyone has already seen The Help and no one has seen Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, even though it’s playing at the Georgetown AMC. Here’s your guide if you are an obsessive completest or are betting money in your office’s Academy Awards pool.

Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress
E Street Cinema & West End Cinema are both inexplicably showing War Horse, but these are your best bet for the slightly-more-indie films on this year’s Oscar list.
West End Cinema: this is your best bet to catch My Week with Marylin, and enjoy Michelle Williams’ glowing performance.
E Street: The Iron Lady & Albert Nobbs round up some more of this years Best Actress nods, and it’s also showing The Artist, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and The Descendants.
Recommended: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (3 nominations – Actor, Score, and Adapted Screenplay)

Best Foreign Films:
National Geographic will again be showing all five foreign film nominees as part of their Global Glimpse program, the weekend of February 17th-19th. Tickets are 8 dollars. Bullhead also opens at the West End on the 24th.
Recommended: A Separation (2 nominations – best foreign film & best original screenplay).

Animated & Live Shorts
These are great to catch if you’re gunning to win your office’s Oscar pool this year, and they come to E Street Cinema starting February 10th. They play for a week, and each showing will include both nominees and honorable mentions.
Recommended: If you can only pick on, go for Animated, it’s normally a nice change of pace from heavy hitting Oscar movies. You can also catch these at the National Archives for free on February 25th.

The National Archives will be showcasing the Oscar-nominated documentary features, one each night from the 22nd thru the 26th. You can catch the documentary on dance, Pina, in 3D as it was submitted at the Georgetown AMC.
Recommended: Hell & Back if you liked Restrepo, Pina if you like beautiful things (unfortunately it will only be showing in 2D at the Archives).

Documentary Short
Unsurprisingly, these are also being shown at the National Archives, but starting February 10th, four of the nominated shorts will be shown together at the West End Cinema.
Recommended: I got nothing, y’all, as I haven’t seen a single one…yet.