Sartorial Saturday

Meet Katerina and Minha, two stylish friends I accosted on 21st Street. Katerina is rocking a lot of second-hand, thrift store finds, and olive green boots, which are amazing. Minha is wearing a flatteringly shaped coat she got from H&M. I love the fact that Katerina is rocking a bright palette in a city that goes monochrome in the winter.

PS – Critical discussion is welcome on the outfits for this feature, but no negative comments about the people wearing them are allowed. Thanksssss.

Sartorial Saturday: Raas Chaos Edition

raas02Just a remind that Raas Chaos is today! Check the website for a neat little into video (warning: auto-play) set to Wale’s Chillin’. Teams from all over the East Coast are going to be here tonight.

Teams performing are:
New York University
Columbia University
Purdue University
Indiana University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Pennsylvania
Virginia Commonwealth University
With exhibition performances by The George Washington University and the Rhythmaya School of Dance.
The winning team gets $2,500 and a competition spot in the Raas All-Stars national competition in Dallas, TX, so the stakes is high. Raas Chaos is also one of the biggest, most hyped, and best raas-gharba competitions in the country, and the GW team is pretty awesome (so awesome that they kept winning their own competition until moving into the exhibition category (and also when they lost in 2005 to RPI)). The competition is hosted by GWU’s South Asian Society, and was started in 2001.
While many people are probably more familiar with the South Asian dance style of bhangra, Raas/Gharba dance involves moves with dandiyas (shown in the photos), or small batons, as well as clappingraas03. They dance to traditional music that’s more often than not mixed with hip-hop beats, creating a unique blend of old and new.
Tickets can be found at Ticketmaster or the Lisner Box Office. Doors open at 6:30 pm, show starts at 7 pm.
More on the GW Hatchet.
And the Raas Chaos Twitter.
Thanks to Seeta for the photos of last year’s GW team in action!

Sartorial Sunday

Laura & LolaMeet Laura and her furry friend Lola (who clearly doesn’t live for the spotlight). I think everyone has figured out that I love a good coat, and tha, my dear readers, is a great coat. From Michael Kors, the aubergine is a nice alternative to a traditional black, and what you can sort of see in this photo is that it also has a hood, making it perfect for DC’s dreary season. I’m also a fan of patterned tights, and although Laura forbade me from showcasing them, she was also wearing some cute grey ballet flats.

Michael Kors coat [BlueFly]

Pointelle tights [Gap]

Sartorial Sunday: Halloween Edition

Nudists on Strike

Apparently last night I found sign-related costumes to be the bees knees, so here are two of my favorite costumes from Halloween. Did you have any fun Halloween adventures? A costume that is way awesomer than these two? Consider adding them to our flickr pool or sending them in an email to kat[at], and if we get some good ones you could be featured on the Blo’! (Photos don’t even have to be from FoBo! Just of FoBo readers!).

Zombie Healthcare Reform Now!

Sartorial Sunday


Sorry for the day-late post, y’all, but here is a lovely fall outfit on the equally lovely Kali. I like the jacket (from Up Against the Wall), the wood handled purse (Charlotte Russe), and the heels (Forever 21). Also, I like that she’s made a great autumnal outfit that fits, is flattering, and isn’t boring, with interesting accessories that come from the mall. I am also digging the light wash on the skinny jeans — it bucks the trend a little bit, but keeps this outfit young and fun. If it’s a little too tame for you, just wait until the review of Hirshhorn After Hours goes up next week to get your fashionista fix.

PS – Critical discussion is welcome on the outfits for this feature, but no negative comments about the people wearing them are allowed. Thanksssss.