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So, you wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy, you got your glasses, you’re out the door, and your’e gonna hit the city.  But before you do — you’ll probably want to know what’s happening in your hood.  That’s where we come in.  A lot of you come to our site every day to check out what’s new — but did you know about the other ways get your FoBoBlo fix?


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Of course, the easiest way to keep up with us is to follow our RSS feed.  I loves me some Google Reader — but whatever you use to read — plug in our RSS address and you’ll never miss a beat.  If this RSS feed mumbo jumbo confoozles and bamboozles you — check out this easy Lifehacker article for the rundown.

If you’re more the drop in and say hi type — there’s other ways to stay connected.


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You could always join the masses and click that little follow button under our name. It’s the button with the come-hither look, and it says “follow.”  Our Twitter updates every time we update, but it’s also a great place to read some more up-to-the-minute newsbits, celebrity sightings, local deals, and other sundries.


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Last but not least is our Facebook page.  We don’t post full articles there, but it’s a good place to connect with other readers and start up your own discussion, just in case our open threads aren’t doing it for you.

Why so Quiet?

We’re sure you’ve all noticed that things have been a bit slow around FoBoBlo for the past week.  Part of that’s simply because this time of year things get slow in Foggy Bottom (especially with the snowpocalypse and all), but we authors have been busy doing finals/holiday season type business of our own as well.  Posting is going to be light through the rest of the week, but we’ll continue to check in, so you should do the same!

Extreme Makeover: FoBoBlo Edition

Unless you’re reading this through a FeedReader, you’ve probably noticed this already…. but the site got a facelift!  If you came here on Saturday afternoon, you probably saw this:

But that top-notch construction crew did more than just get our site prettier than a nasty rich teenager on MTV before her 16th birthday party.  Hopefully we’ve solved some of our painful server problems.  Only time will tell, of course, so we’ll continue to make our tweaks as necessary.

In the meantime, if you’d like to avoid any potential server crashes, you can always subscribe to our RSS feed to make sure you get your steady stream of FoBo info.

Sartorial Saturday

It's just those rainy days

Sorry this was posted late in the day! You might have noticed we’ve been fighting some server problems this week, but we think we’ve fixed the process, and given the Blo’ an updated look! Check it out and see for yourself.

Anyway, this lovely lady is bucking the rainy day DC trend of just wearing a black peacoat & a scowl while holding a CVS umbrella. Her scarf, coat, and umbrella combo make for a fun punch of color on an incredibly dreary day — who could feel bad while wearing such a sunny coat (from Filene’s Basement)? Great find!

PS – Critical discussion is welcome on the outfits for this feature, but no negative comments about the people wearing them are allowed. Thanksssss.

Google Ads Come to the Blo

Good morning FoBo friends!

This week brings us a lot of new readers (hi everyone!) and also some new advertising.  We experimented with AdBrite in the past — but the ads were mostly in German and seemed to pertain primarily to online auctions and wiener drugs.  We’re hoping that the new Google Adsense advertising won’t be too intrusive for you all, and hopefully will make a good suggestion every once in a while too.

Though even with Adsense, you still never know exactly what you’ll get.  Let us know how it goes for you.

Google Adsense