Confirm: Karl Hobbs is Out

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We just got a quick confirmation from the GW Sports Department that GW Men’s Basketball coach Karl Hobbs is on his way out, though no details have been released. I’ve seen some great wins under Coach Hobbs and some hard losses, and I wish him well with wherever he goes in the future!

GW Hosts St. Joseph’s in First Round Game of A-10 Tournament Tonight at Smith Center

With a thrilling (nerve-wracking?) win against Dayton on Saturday, the GW Men’s Basketball team secured their highest seed in the A-10 tournament since 2007′s 3-seed. As the 5th seeded team in the conference, they host the 12-seed Saint Joseph’s Hawks tonight at 7 PM in the Charles E. Smith Center. Analysis below!.

Former GWU Women’s Baller Signs with WNBA

Jessica Adair has re-signed to play center with the Minnesota Lynx. She spent the 2010 training camp with them, and played in their final season game. She caught the coach’s eye, and has set her sights on slimming down her physique to bulk up her game. She’s dropped 60 pounds since she played at Smith Center, which should give her the edge in speed that she needs to back up her shooting talent and power.

Adair is currently playing in Turkey for Samsung, and averaging point/rebound double-doubles per game.


GWU Baller, Kye Allums, talks about his gender identity and his place in the NCAA

Anyone who knows me or has read this site with some regularity knows that I am a big fan of Colonials Women’s Basketball, so I was intrigued by a roster shift for number 50 — junior Kay Kay Allums is now listed as Kye Allums on the official team roster.

Kye Allums, #50, will be the first NCAA Division 1 publicly transgender athlete. The wonderful interview at explores Kye Allums’ journey in self-identification and the way his teammates and coach have stood behind him, and it’s worth a read. Identifying at first as a butch-leaning lesbian, Allums came to the conclusion his freshman year that he was, in fact, a man. He came out to his team the next year, and to his coach this summer, and he’s ready to face the upcoming season with his GWU-family.

For the readers out there about to open their mouths in protest: NCAA regs state that trans men may continue to play on a women’s team as long as they are not undergoing hormone therapy (taking testosterone). NCAA spokesperson Jennifer Royer confirmed this in Allums’ case to This means Allums, who is attending GWU on a women’s basketball scholarship, can continue to play on the team until he decides to begin hormone therapy. OutSport’s interview says that he plans on some reassessment surgery next summer, before his senior season:

“The only thing I can’t do is take testosterone,” Allums said. “And I don’t need that anyway. I probably naturally have more than some of the guys on the guys’ team. If I get surgery, it doesn’t affect my play, it doesn’t enhance anything, I’m just taking something off my body, like if I lost a finger.”

To put this in a broader context: as a sports fan, it’s impossible to miss the fact that when the topic of trasngender, elite athletes comes up, it inevitably devolves into some sexist, cis-centric horrorshow on the internet. But that doesn’t mean that the conversation about transgender athletes and their place in high-level, competitive athletics isn’t happening, and all morbid curiosity that inevitably arises aside, the real question is: how do we protect the rights of transgendered athletes to play while still maintaining a space for women and men to play at their own respective levels?

It’s not a simple question, of course. The National Center for Lesbian Rights, in fact, published the report On the Team: Equal Opportunities for Transgender Student Athletes [PDF] just last month, which provides suggestions for the NCAA to adopt in regards to transgendered scholarship athletes.

I, for one, think that GWU and Kye Allums are on the right track in tackling a delicate and personal issue. And to be honest, I couldn’t be prouder of GWU, Allums’ teammates, and Coach Bozeman, for standing behind him in what had to be a harrowing decision. I sincerely hope the fans will give him (& the team) the support they so clearly deserve.

The first women’s home game is Thursday, November 18th, where they’ll play Coppin State in the Smith Center at 7 pm.

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Pops Mensah-Bonsu to Return to NBA?

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