Photos: Obamas at GWU

President Obama waving at the bandSo, thought you’d go home for Thanksgiving and miss a men’s basketball game, eh? Well, then you missed out on a solid two hours of gawking at the First Family as they walked in, sat in the student section, made goofy faces, and ate popcorn. They managed to only make it onto the Jumbotron twice, entering and leaving, and requested no fanfare music. Alas, where ever the intrepid family goes, a group of reporters and curios fanboys are sure to follow, so behind the cut we’ve brought you exclusive photos from Colonial Brass alum Amanda Notarangelo. The First Family (including First Mother-in-Law) was there, of course, because Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson, is the Oregon State Basketball coach. Their team apparently got a tour of the White House. And they won the game, 64-57.

Read more about the game (note the byline, by one of our favorite sometimes contributors!): [ABC News]

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