GW v. GU Snowdown Media Wrapup

So, clearly GWU was declared victorious in yesterday’s snowbath of epic proportions. Here’s a roundup of different videos, photos, and love matches culled from the inter-tubes for your viewing pleasure, and to give you one handy link to send to your friends who are stuck in sunnier climes.

  • The Hatchet has a slideshow of GWU’s victory [Hatchet]
  • While the Georgetown Voice blog, Vox Populi has some embedded videos of their demise. Also, someone on their site makes an excellent Star Wars references that actually made me lol. Props. [Vox Populi]
  • GW man-of-note Chris Brooks uploaded a GW-perspective video. [YouTube]
  • The hordes of GW advance [YouTube] & A Scene from the Battlefield [YouTube]
  • And over at (ugh) CNN iReport, someone named GWUAlum has uploaded another video. [iReport]

My favorite outcome of this whole (grossly lopsided) snowball fight, however, even more than University President Steve Knapp’s appearance, is this missed connection on Craigslist. This poor girl has already been branded a traitor on the twitter-sphere, but I think it’s kind of sweet. I’m rooting for you, GW girl, and your Montague-Capulet romance. [Georgetown guy at snowball fight - w4m - 20]