How weird do things get at a Lady Gaga show?

Do any of you know?  I’m concerned because she’s playing DAR Constitution Hall on September 29th, the night before I see Regina Spektor there.  What’s the deal going to be?  I expect a lingering aura of dirtiness, which I really hope doesn’t detract from my Lady Regina experience*.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about — see her completely masked interview here or her interview wearing a heap of dead kermit the frog dolls here.  Also, Lady GaGa recently had booby pictures floating around the internet, which gives us all a good excuse to say “Lady GaGa Booby.”  (Seriously, say that out loud, right now).

Anyway, I’m legitimately worried about this, so if you have any idea, please share.

*Tickets to the Wednesday, September 30th Regina Spektor show at DAR Constitution Hall (on Foggy Bottom) went on sale today, and are still available!