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This week in Foggy Bottom: bees on GW roofs, FoBo 20′s style, how to beat an 83-year old woman and not get punished, so much awesome opening soon, Kris Hart: WINNING.

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“Concerned Citizen” Thwarts Purse Thief in FoBo Metro [Video]

Via TBD:

Yesterday a couple 15ish year olds were stopped by a bystander as they tried to make a run for it with some lady’s purse.

While one Metro employee looked like he was about to let the kids go once the victim noted she wasn’t going to press charges, another quickly followed.  He told the kids to sit on the ground and wait for Transit Police to show up — and then proceeded to publicly scold the little criminals.  Via TBD:

“There ain’t no apologizing, son,” he said. “It’s too late to apologize. You can apologize to transit [police] when they get here.” He shamed the kid for robbing a woman. “You’ve got a mother at home. You don’t take money from a lady,” he went on. “You’re gonna learn something tonight.”

Regarding the would-be purse-ionairres, the Metro employee reportedly commented that:

“That’s why they do it,” he said of the thieves. “Because usually nobody does anything.”

These kids are lucky DC doesn’t have any of it’s own superheros, and so only had to deal with bystanders.  Imagine if they had to face Phoenix Jones!

UPD Crime Report on This Morning’s Knifing Victim

The FoBo Metro was a mess this morning after all three escalators were closed due to police activity surrounding a bizarre incident that involved flailing and a knife.

UPD included a description of the man who pulled out a knife:

Light Complexion
Short Hair
5’9″ tall
150 lbs
35-40 years old
Suspect was wearing a black jacket

If you see a man fitting that description, please call GWPD at 202-994-6111 or anonymously at 202-994-TIPS.  Do not start yelling at him randomly while grabbing him.

The full UPD crime report is below the jump.

The jump.

FoBo Metro Police Activity Shuts Down Escalators

Cutting is no response to flailing.

The Twitterverse is all atwitter with reports that FoBo Metro escalators are shut down, with extremely long lines to gain access to the elevators for entry and exit.  There are some conflicting reports about what happened, but according to the GWHatchet:

MPD spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said an unruly subject was escorted from GW Hospital Monday morning. The subject began flailing his arms and grabbed a passerby. The passerby then pulled a knife, cut the subject and fled the area.

The knifer managed to get away for now.  It’s still unclear as to why this would shut down all three escalators.

FoBo in the News

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