FoBo in the News

Hole 54

Can you believe all this awesomeness was a giant hole not that long ago?

This week in Foggy Bottom: FoBo metro escalators suck (surprise) but might be getting better really, really soon;Square 54 is getting awesomer by the day; SweetGreen opens today but there’s a tinge of sour to go with that sweetness; GW may be greener than you thought.

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FoBo in the News

This week in FoBo: escalators and stairs coming to FoBo metro, jazzy New Orleans restaurant opens, horrible awful no-good trees, and chemical reaction evacuation!

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FoBo in the News

If you don't think this is funny, you can't be my friend.

This week in FoBo: GW students want a diner, Obama invades FoBo, MST3K is gonna be awesome live, and escalator problems get inspected.


FoBo in the News

Hillary Clinton Reacts to news of Students Returning

Hillary Clinton reacts when we remind her that students are coming back next week.

This week in Foggy Bottom: FoBo metro pretty much just has stairs at this point, new GW UPD Chief (preceded by students) this fall, Georgetown and GW rivalry is revisited, the State Department confuses local realtors, and something about the Real Housewives of DC … maybe.

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FoBo in the News

Bikes, parking, the mayor, and … ugh… escalators.  That’s what’s new in FoBo.  Also, 3 people melted this week.  Completely melted.

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