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Pro-tip: If you’re in a crowded area, say, in front of a certain University’s library, don’t just stand there in a giant huddled group as people try to move past you.

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Vote Camp Kesem to win $250k

Foggy Bottom based Camp Kesem GW, a branch of Camp Kesem National, is up to win some serious cash with your help.  The non-profit works to provide kids whose parents have or have had cancer with a real summer camp experience. Often these kids never get a real chance to just relax, have fun, and be kids — Camp Kesem works to let these kids have the opportunity to, at least for one week, be kids.

Camp Kesem National is currently competing in the Pepsi Refresh competition to win a $250,000 grant from Pepsi if they are one of the top two vote getters by May 30th. They’re in 21st place right now and have 20 more days to make it to the top. If CKN gets a grant, Camp Kesem GW will get $10,000 for their individual camps.

Vote for them to win at www.clickforkesem.org.

You can vote once every day until May 30th with either your Facebook account or your email address.


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(301): I still can’t believe I took a two hour nap on the floor of Gelman this morning.

The “Texts From Last Night – GWU Edition” Facebook Group recently changed their name to “Texts from Last Night-FoggyBottom.”  Evidently after the GW Hatchet started poking around, the owners got nervous about unwanted attention and changed the name to avoid any conflict with GW and being shut down.  But for now, the group pretty much seems to be entirely GW focused — though wouldn’t it be great if suddenly we started seeing a bunch of raunchy texts coming out of the State Department?

Obviously, the group is modeled after the super popular (though seemingly waning) TextsFromLastNight.com, where anonymous users anonymously post texts they receive, entering only the time and area code of the text.

That whole anonymous part doesn’t work quite as well with the Facebook Group.  Groups of friends can often figure out who certain texts are from based on the poster and the area code (and they make note of it in the comments.)  I’m yet to figure out whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

“Missing” GW Student: Just With Shorty!

This is too funny. The Hatchet has an article about how a “missing” GW student returned safely this morning.

After he disappeared late Friday night/Saturday morning, he showed back up in time for his midterm on Monday.

During the two days he was gone, his friends mounted a massive campaign to find him, complete with media outreach, missing persons reports, contacting his family, and creating a Facebook group.

So what happened?   Luckily he posted on the Facebook group wall to tell us.

Royal Gethers

I don’t entirely understand what he’s saying here — it’s a little bit lolcat.  But from what I can tell, he was with shorty.

We here at FoBoBlo would like to wish Royal good luck in explaining this one to his panicked family.