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This week in Foggy Bottom: bees on GW roofs, FoBo 20′s style, how to beat an 83-year old woman and not get punished, so much awesome opening soon, Kris Hart: WINNING.

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Deals, Deals, Deals!

Two cool deals today:

1)  Head over to Farragut Friday at Farragut Square,17th and K Street NW, from 11:30 am to 2 pm and you can not only enjoy all the awesome food trucks, but also get free samples of MiO, which is a “revolutionary liquid water enhancer that puts 24 servings in the palm of your hand and allows you to make your drink anywhere, anytime.”

2) $1 lunches at FoBoGro (and a bunch of other places).  That’s right, LivingSocial is launching their instant deals feature.  FoBoGro is included.  I’m not quite sure on how it’s supposed to work (can I only BUY the deal from 11-2 today, or can I only USE the deal from 11-2 today?) You can only use the deal from 11a-2pm today, but if you don’t use it, your $1 gets refunded. Unfortunately the LivingSocial site seems to be suffering from some really heavy traffic and is preeeettttyyyy slow right now.  Try it for yourself. If you’re already a LivingSocial subscriber, you should be able to get directly to the FoBoGro offer through this link.  Aroma, Cone E. Island, and Lindy’s are also on the deal list.

Half off FoBoGro with Groupon Coupon

Our friendly neighborhood grocer and sandwich shop FoBoGro is the side deal at today — get $20 for food and drink for only $10!

If you haven’t tried FoBoGro yet, now you really have no excuse not to.

Supplies are limited, so hurry over to get yours. Remember, it’s the side deal — so look to the right!

H/T to Preston for the tip.

FoBo in the News

This week: FoBoGro gets even more love, watch out for a neighborhood watch, Whole Foods wants to make FoBo home, the metro gets some stairs escalators break down, and …. metal houses in FoBo?

It's all inside.

Awesome Additions to FoBoGro Coming Soon?


I just got word from FoBoGro that they’re considering making a few changes, and I’m pretty excited about it.

There’s a new product (that’s ridiculously hard to come by in DC) that might be available soon, and – even better – they’re considering a small menu change-up at the sandwich shop.  Nothing solid yet, but from what I heard, something completely and utterly deliciously awesome may be on its way. Cross your fingers.

Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when (and if) to start jumping for joy.